Who run the world? GIRLS!


At Sandy Lake CrossFit, we recognize that about 60% of the worldwide CrossFit population is made up of LADIES and our gym is no exception.


While our women are welcomed at any class time to catch a great workout and of course out-work our men ;-),  we have also reserved a specific hour each day where the gym is dedicated to our Ladies of the Lake. From 9:30am -10:30am Monday - Friday, Coach Kristin leads our Ms. FIT program which is our ladies ONLY CrossFit and Bootcamp class. The Ms. FIT program, like all other classes, still completes the workout of the day but what's extra special and unique to this program is that there are tracks that have been carefully chosen and cater to women across the birth spectrum from pre to post-partum.  Let's be specific here though, this is NOT a mom's only class. This is a class for ALL WOMEN, to push and lift each other up. 


Coach Kristin is passionate about women's health and she specializes in women's unique fitness needs. She has extensive education in postpartum rehabilitation and prenatal considerations, including things specific to diastatis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. Additionally, our Ms. FIT program is built to support our ladies in all phases of their cycle - I mean, let's be real here: as a woman, your training needs vary from menstruation to ovulation and we respect that without making it weird. If you're pregnant, we'll support you throughout each trimester with specific exercises and training for birth prep. If you're postpartum, we'll continue that support in this healing and rebuilding phase of your life. We're here for all of our Ladies of the Lake and excited to meet you where you're at and get you where you want to go in your fitness journey!

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